Our crank grinder

engine rebuilds

Using our 18 years experience and the facilities we have gained in that time, all repairs can be carried out in-house ensuring quality is met every time. We will be happy to provide you with a personal quotation for any bespoke engine, crankshaft or gearbox work. Don't hesitate to call us or pop in. Our workshop is based in Bromsgrove, with good links to the Midlands motorway network.


Clean parts courtesy of our Technowash spray washer

Cleaning engine parts is critical to the success of reconditioning. Using our TechnoWash spray washer we can prepare any parts ready for assembly. Here you can see some parts that have just been washed, looking in pristine condition. All parts are thoroughly washed and cleaned both before and after any work is carried out.


Crank grinder in action

Here we have our latest addition to the workshop, our Prince crank grinder, to allow us to perform many operations such as balancing, wedging etc. Our full list of crankshaft services includes:


Berco/Van Norman Block Borers

We have two machines for cylinder block boring - a Van Norman borer for smaller bored engines (operating here), and a Berco borer (in blue) for larger capacities, such as agricultural or heavy goods vehicles.

cylinder head

Cutting the valve seats on a cylinder head

We have a Zanrosso head facing machine, critical to the smooth running of any engine. To help rebuild cylinder heads we have installed a Trego spring press for precision assembly of multi valve cylinder heads.


Mini Miglia straight cut gearbox

Racing Pedigree

Clean parts courtesy of our Technowash spray washer

We have had many successful seasons taking part in both Class 4 (up to 1130cc) & also Class 5 (up to 1420cc) - more specifically using our mini engines & bodyshells. We have had successes in Ladies Nationals, Midland Autograss Promotions Open, S/Wales, W/Midlands & N/Yorks Leagues to mention a few! Indeed co-owner Keith Allington himself competed at the top level of the Mini Sevens Tournament with his hand-built Mini Miglia racer.

  • Crankshaft regrinds
  • Crank web wedging
  • Comprehensive crankshaft grinding/polishing facilities

Race Engines

Mini Miglia race engine

Though our personal racing careers are now over, we still have over 30 years experience in building race engines suitable to compete in National Autograss Racing.